Improvisation In Bicycles


Stephen Roche from Ireland has been surveying recently about the developments in the trade of cycling. He has been saying that cycling has found an all new level and is definitely a very happy high one. No more is cycling a sport being played and watched for fancy. It is establishing its own place in the everyday modern life. There will be a steady an constant growth in the increasing number of riders and the numbers that enroll irrespective of rank, age and sex.

With the advancement in technology the “ordinary” or “boneshaker” or “penny farthing” has super ceded. By the middle of 1880s the bicycle started being referred to as the safety cycle and is currently seen in almost that form itself. An alternative to horse drawn transport was this practical and reasonable cycle.

However the above is still not considered to be the best form of development and transformation of the cycle into a usable element for making the everyday life more convenient. Veterinarian John Boyd Dunlop was the one to bring about the best transformation in Belfast. The man was trying to make his son’s tricycle comfortable for riding on the roads of the city filled with cobbles; John had used Pneumatic rubber tyres for the first time he thought. (more…)



Bradley Wiggins is a professional British road bicycle racer and track racer. A specialist in Madison and Pursuit disciplines he has won a bronze in the 200 Olympics, three medals in 2004 Athens Olympics and two gold’s in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Turning professional in 2002 his performance was limited to track cycling only. After 2008 he took a break and concentrated on road races. Known as a specialist time-trial rider he showed his ability in 2009 Tour De France and came fourth. In 2012 at Paris-Nice he became the first British to win the race in 45 years.

In 2004 Athens Olympics Bradley Wiggins won three gold medals and became the first British in 40 years to do so. Since 2001 he has been a part of many professional teams and currently he is a part of Team- sky. Successfully defended the pursuit cycle in2008 Beijing Olympics. He published his autobiography in 2008 and also came 9th in the   BBC sports personality awards. Given his constant good performance there was a speculation as to which team he would join and finally in 2009 it was declared that he will join team- sky with a four year contract.

Bradley Wiggins has also won the British national Road championship in 2011 which was his final race before tour de France. In September he stood second in the UCI world road championship time trial. Although 2012 is a year of Olympic, Wiggins is aiming mainly on individual pursuits. Winning the time trial races, he has made a name of his own. After recovering from a fractured collar bone that occurred during a tour de France he announced that he will participate in the world time trial championship.  Even though the Olympics are nearby Wiggins is determined to ride in 2012 tour de France.