Improvisation In Bicycles


Stephen Roche from Ireland has been surveying recently about the developments in the trade of cycling. He has been saying that cycling has found an all new level and is definitely a very happy high one. No more is cycling a sport being played and watched for fancy. It is establishing its own place in the everyday modern life. There will be a steady an constant growth in the increasing number of riders and the numbers that enroll irrespective of rank, age and sex.

With the advancement in technology the “ordinary” or “boneshaker” or “penny farthing” has super ceded. By the middle of 1880s the bicycle started being referred to as the safety cycle and is currently seen in almost that form itself. An alternative to horse drawn transport was this practical and reasonable cycle.

However the above is still not considered to be the best form of development and transformation of the cycle into a usable element for making the everyday life more convenient. Veterinarian John Boyd Dunlop was the one to bring about the best transformation in Belfast. The man was trying to make his son’s tricycle comfortable for riding on the roads of the city filled with cobbles; John had used Pneumatic rubber tyres for the first time he thought. (more…)

Contador Becomes Overall Leader In The 2015 Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta del Sol


Alberto Contador has managed to become the overall leader in the Vuelta a Andalucia Ruta del Sol race even before 24 hour hours after the race started. For the 32 years old Spanish professional cyclist, this race is the first race of the 2015 season. Alberto Contador is riding Vuelta a Andalucia for the first time in his professional cycling career.

The British professional cyclist Chris Froome who is one of the biggest rivals of Alberto Contador is eight seconds behind the Spanish rider. Contador is not at all willing to make much of his spectacular start of his first race of this season.

Contador said that the race had only just begun and there’s still a long way to go. Contador regards being the leader as nothing more than a symbolic thing. Contador became the recipient of the red jersey. The red jersey is only given to the leader of the race. The Spanish rider jokingly said that maybe the colour red is a lucky charm for him. The red jersey is also awarded to the leader of Vuelta a Espana race. (more…)

Christchurch Loses The Hosting Rights


The loss of Christchurch’s right to host the national road cycling championships has been termed as a catastrophe by the sector chief of Canterbury. Since 2010, the event has been held on the Cashmere hill circuit for the under 23 and the elite where thousands of spectators stand along the route.

Simon Hollander the event manager confirmed that the coming year is going to be the last time until 2019 that the championships will be held in Christchurch. Napier is supposed to be the new venue to host. The news will officially be announced by BikeNZ in January.

The financial strength that Napier has showed during the bid made it clear that they will be the hosts for the championship in the coming 3 years. When Christchurch City Council was asked, they said that they had referred back the issue to BikeNZ. The financial investments that were required by BikeNZ could not met by the council. (more…)