Cyclist Thanks Phone In The Back Pocket For Preventing Serious Spinal Injury In Crash With Bus

James Wilkinson, a cyclist who escaped serious injury after being hit by a bus just before it crashed into the side of the house. He said that the phone in his back pocket could have helped prevent a potentially life-changing spinal injury.

He was hit by the bus on Friday evening after the driver lost control and crashed into a house and he suffered cuts and bruises as well as a chipped vertebra. According to the Doctors, phone in his back pocket could have helped to prevent much more serious damage to his lower spine. Wilkinson quoted “Not many cyclists get hit by a bus and survive, let alone walk again on the same night”.

Coincidentally, Mr. Wilkinson, himself a bus driver for another company, informed that he had spent the day doing training on how bus drivers should look out for cyclists, before going for a 25-mile bike ride when the crash occurred. Mr. Wilkinson further continued “I felt this massive whack from behind. My first thought was, ‘Who is that hitting me?’ I smashed down on the floor, and then I saw the bus smash into the building.”

Police informed Mr. Wilkinson that he had been thrown onto the bus windscreen before falling off it shortly before the bus crashed into the house in Prestbury, Gloucestershire. Thereafter, he was then taken to hospital by ambulance, and was discharged a few hours later, but is still suffering from the aftereffects a few days later. “My back and shoulders are really stiff,” he continued. “I had to have a horrible salt bath yesterday. I need help getting into bed and I can’t lie down without it hurting.” He said

Along with him three other people were also injured in the crash, including the bus driver, with the driver suffering serious injuries but his condition is stable.