Improvisation In Bicycles

Stephen Roche from Ireland has been surveying recently about the developments in the trade of cycling. He has been saying that cycling has found an all new level and is definitely a very happy high one. No more is cycling a sport being played and watched for fancy. It is establishing its own place in the everyday modern life. There will be a steady an constant growth in the increasing number of riders and the numbers that enroll irrespective of rank, age and sex.

With the advancement in technology the “ordinary” or “boneshaker” or “penny farthing” has super ceded. By the middle of 1880s the bicycle started being referred to as the safety cycle and is currently seen in almost that form itself. An alternative to horse drawn transport was this practical and reasonable cycle.

However the above is still not considered to be the best form of development and transformation of the cycle into a usable element for making the everyday life more convenient. Veterinarian John Boyd Dunlop was the one to bring about the best transformation in Belfast. The man was trying to make his son’s tricycle comfortable for riding on the roads of the city filled with cobbles; John had used Pneumatic rubber tyres for the first time he thought.

However, it was later that it was marked as one of the best inventions and he will always be remembered for it. But he did not actually make much money out of it as he was told to re-invent a previous invention and not having come up with anything new. This was one of the major problems he faced for mass adoption of the idea.

Cycling is now being adopted as a competitive sport and the riders are looking for comfort. The Irish Road Club that was founded in 1890 has been massively growing and is also one of the distinctions for Ireland.