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Ludgate Circus Cycling Accident Triggers of Demands For Improvements

London’s Ludgate Circus is turning out to be a dangerous place for the cyclists. On 17th October, 2014 (Friday) a horrible accident took place at this junction in which a female cyclist collided with a lorry.

The twenty-six year old cyclist suffered through a cardiac arrest immediately after the accident because of which she could not breathe. London Ambulance Service and Air Ambulance came to help her and took her to the Royal London Hospital for treatment.

However, the treatment given by the hospital did not work well for her and the cyclist died on 20th of October, 2014 (Monday).

This Ludgate Circus accident is the second cycling accident that has taken place in this roadway this year. The first cycling accident took place on 3rd of April, 2014 in which a male cyclist named Victor Manuel Ben Rodriguez was declared dead immediately after he crashed against a lorry.

Around 6 cyclists have been seriously injured or killed in the Ludgate Circus junction between the years 2008 and 2012.

Member of London Assembly Green Party- Darren Johnson said that ever since Boris Johnson has become the Mayor, around eight cyclists have been seriously injured or killed. All the accidents are just triggering of demands for improving the roadways for the safety of the cyclists.

According to Johnson, plans and policies related to the creation of separate cycle lanes for cyclists in the major roads of London is extremely essential. The style of the cycle lanes should be similar to the Dutch style of cycling lanes.

Transport for London had released certain designs for the safer junctions and superhighways in the month of September. Majority of the people have supported these proposed designs and the mayor has the mandate to create such safe routes. But action can be taken only after consultations end on the 9th of November, 2014.

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Bradley Wiggins confident about Thomas on Tour France

Bradley Wiggins is seemingly pleased with fellow Sky mate Geraint Thomas and feels that he has the stellar potential to win Tour France.

The Tour France 2012 winner has been admiring Thomas a lot lately but has added that to come up with a dramatic win at the world’s most prestigious cycling event- the Welshman have to focus on specialist skills.

“This season would probably show what he would be able to do in upcoming years”, stated Wiggo. “He has this ability to win any of the bike races he wants to & I am including Tour France in the list. He is so full of talent, determination & he is one among the hardest of persons I have ever come across on bike.”

However, he noted that the danger is that the talented Welshman might scatter himself very thinly across varied events.

“I think he is difficult positions at present. As he is able to do a lot, he would end being everywhere & that might hamper his focus on specialization.”, Wiggins remarked in one of his latest interviews.

The 28-year-old dapper Cardiff rider was the first ever Welsh cyclist to bag gold at Commonwealth with his dramatic triumph at Glasgow road race.

Thomas, naturally was delighted with praises showered on him by his senior Sky mate. The Welshman admitted Wiggins’ concern regarding him & said that he now wants to win championships for himself.

“It is definitely great to hear such things from somebody such as Wiggo, whom you respect a lot. It renders an amazing boost of confidence & belief in yourself. I have always been into everything: week races, grand tours, classics. I certainly feel that I have to choose one particular thing & focus on that next year.”

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Ji eager For A Break

Leading Chinese cyclist Ji Cheng is eagerly looking forward to a much needed break after the very strenuous recently concluded Tour France.

The Sino cyclist was one of the top favorites at the world’s most esteemed cycling event this year where he marveled at his usual role of “breakaway killer”, much to the pleasure of his team Giant-Shimano.

But he feels that he has done enough for 2014 & is desperate for a refreshing break.

While approached on his activities in the break time, he could not offer a concrete reply. “I don’t have any idea. I would prefer to relax since I got hitched recently but within 20 days I had to return to Europe given the training camp & racing schedule. I have not been home for 8 months now”, stressed the rider.

“That is pretty long. Right now I want to relax & not think about cycling any more”.

It was not exactly a breeze for the 27-year-old Chinese rider to control the breakaway group so that Giant’s sprinter Kittel could lap up on a winning note. Marcel won 4 stages all total whilst another German sprinter Degenkolb finished 2nd in 2 others. Ji had his own issues as well- the rider was badly suffering from his knee trouble.

“The toughest moments were the 1st week & last week”, shared Ji. “The initial week came up with more numbers of sprit stages & we had greater chances of triumphs. Thus I was actually trying strong to control my group & work tight on front. It was quite a hard week. And it is especially tough for the final week as I was down with my injured knee. My injury was really painful. However, the 2nd week seemed really nice for me.”

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